We can help you get the word out about your business! Community radio stations have only 5 minutes per hour available for promotion not 20 minutes like commercial radio. Your message will stand out and won’t get caught up in the noise.

Fraser Coast FM 107.5 sponsors are partnering with the Fraser Coast’s Community Radio Station. We are proud to have been operating since 1992 – that’s nearly 30 years of broadcasting!

Like other radio stations, we sell ‘spots’ in prime time, as well as Run-of-Station packages that
maximise return on investment. Your spots can run from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Our community as well as listeners who stream our music will hear your message and recognise your business as a trusted community minded Sponsor.

Why choose Fraser Coast FM107.5?

  • Our listeners spend more time with Fraser Coast FM 107.5 than other radio stations. We are live and local.
  • Community broadcasting is a key pillar in Australian broadcasting, a vital part of the Australian media landscape, reflecting and contributing to our open society, strong democracy and vibrant culture.
  • There are 450+ community radio services across Australia providing programming
    that caters to the needs and interest groups of their communities.
  • More Australians than ever – over 5 million each week – are listening to these
    community-owned and operated radio services for local information, news, local
    personalities and support for Australian music and local artists.

▪ Community Broadcasting Association of Australia – Annual Review 2018/2019
▪ McNair National Listener Survey 2021
▪ Australian Bureau of Statistics – June 2019

Standard Spot rate for 30 seconds just $9.00

Sponsorship Packages


Perfect for advertising a short-term promotion.

10 x 30sec spots per week

$90/ week

Plus one off $50 Production fee


Promote your brand and service offering.

Minimum 4 weeks

$150/ week 

20 x 30sec spots per week

Minimum 8 weeks


Boost your sales! Your business will be recognised for its ongoing support of the Fraser Coast community.

$125 / week

20 x 30sec spots per week

Minimum12 weeks

Christmas Advertising Campaign – 50% Discount!

Offer valid for contracts signed prior to 31 January 2022.

2 spots daily

1 month

62 x 30 second spots over 5 weeks


Plus $25 Production Fee

3 spots daily

1 month

93 x 30 second spots over 5 weeks


Plus $25 Production Fee

3 Spots daily

2 Months

186 x 30 second spots over 9 weeks


Plus $25 Production Fee

Sponsor a Program

Interested in sponsoring your favorite program?Have a chat to us about how this can be arranged.

Customise your Campaign

We can help you to customise your campaign. From assistance with scripting to production and voice-over.

Talk to us about your advertising budget and campaign requirements and we will help you customise a package for your business.

Helpful Tips

  • Define the objective of your campaign
  • Create a clear, simple message that grabs attention – include a call to action.
  • Think about your target audience
  • Advertise consistently