Let us help you get the word out about your business! You call it advertising, we call it Sponsorship.

Community radio stations have only 5 minutes per hour available for promotion not 20 minutes like commercial radio. Because of that, your message will stand out and you are recognised as a community focused business. Your money stays in the Fraser Coast community. And that’s a good thing…right?

By sponsoring Fraser Coast FM 107.5 you are partnering with the Fraser Coast’s most loved Community Radio Station. We are proud to have been operating since 1992 – that’s 30 years of broadcasting!

Like other radio stations, we sell ‘spots’ in prime time, as well as Run-of-Station, Program and News Sponsorship packages that maximise your return on investment. Your spots can run from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Not only our community – also listeners who stream our music will hear your message and recognise your business as a trusted community minded Sponsor.

Why choose Fraser Coast FM107.5?

  • Our listeners spend more time with Fraser Coast FM 107.5 than other radio stations. We are live and local.
  • Community broadcasting is a key pillar in Australian broadcasting, a vital part of the Australian media landscape, reflecting and contributing to our open society, strong democracy and vibrant culture.
  • There are 450+ community radio services across Australia providing programming
    that caters to the needs and interest groups of their communities.
  • More Australians than ever – over 5 million each week – are listening to these
    community-owned and operated radio services for local information, news, local events,
    personalities and support for Australian music and local artists.

▪ Community Broadcasting Association of Australia – Listener WSurvey 2021W2
▪ McNair National Listener Survey 2021
▪ Australian Bureau of Statistics – June 2019

Standard Spot rate for 30 seconds just $9.00

Download our Sponsorship Kit here

Sponsor a Program

Why not sponsor your favourite program? Have a chat to us about how this can be arranged.

Customise your Campaign

We can help you to customise your campaign. From assistance with scripting to production and voice-over.

Talk to us about your advertising budget and campaign requirements and we will help you customise a package for your business.

Helpful Tips

  • Think about your target audience
  • Define the objective of your campaign
  • Create a clear, simple message that grabs attention – include a call to action.
  • Campaign consistently – maintain business presence on the airwaves.

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