Fraser Coast FM107.5 is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. Our board members, administration volunteers, presenters, production and fundraising team give their time to keep the station running.

President: Michelle Tayler

Vice President: Andrew Wallace

Secretary: Desley Dixon

Treasurer: Lynnora Seal

Office Manager: Rosina Graham

Administration Assistant: Sally Walker

Production Manager: Trevor Franklin

Programming Manager: Paul Davies

Sponsorship Manager: Yvonne Evans

Technical Manager: Andrew Wallace

OB Coordinator: Lorraine Wallace

Volunteer Coordinator: Laurie McLean


Lee Adam

Max Bancroft

Cesare Callioni

Gordon Chambers

David Coleman

Bob and Carol Creedon

Paul Davies


Pat Edwards

Yvonne Evans

Dave Grainger

Ann Grant

Ann Hopwell

Bob Hutchison

Kay Knight

Paul Johnson

Robert Lawrie

Paul Michael

Tracey and the Big D

Trevor Franklin

Laurie Mclean

Ross McLean

Lindsay Morris

Dave Murray

Peter Murray

Bill Olson

Dianne Rankin

Mike Reakes

DJ Rocket

Beate Tayler

Pauline Van Buren

Cheryl Virgo

Andrew Wallace

Detlef Wenzel

Jutta Zapf-Atkinson

Presenters Assistants & Fund Raising Events

Marion Gordon

John McNutt

Allan McDonald

Joan Embrey

Vivian Slee

Carol Creedon