Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who keep Fraser Coast 107.5 on the air.

Our awesome squad of volunteers are the secret power of Fraser Coast FM107.5, keeping the station running smoothly with their super dedication. They generously donate their time to make sure our programs hit the airwaves non-stop, serving our listeners 24/7.

Check out our volunteer opportunities. You never know, you may find something that ignites your passion.

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Your Voice, Your Station

We are running a survey and want to hear what you have to say about radio. Why a survey? Many reasons.

  • To understand our audience.
    • Knowing who listens to our station is vital for creating compelling, targeted content.
    • It gives us real time feedback to help us tweak our content to meet the needs of our listeners.
  • To improve our programming.
  • To attract more sponsors. We use data driven insights to help secure sponsors that align with our audience.
  • It also helps us to better fulfil regulatory and funding body requirements by providing actual data from our audience.

What are your listening preferences? What do you like about Fraser Coast FM 107.5 and what do you think we can improve on? You can participate in the survey anonymously, and we encourage you to share the survey with others. Click on the button below to go to the survey.

Your Voice – Your Station! – Live. Life. Local

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