With Tall Paul

45RPM presents great Rock N Roll from the 50’s to 70’s. The sound of Classic and Unknown Rock N Roll.  A mix of songs you know and songs you don’t know.

Requests will be taken for Next Weeks Program because I have lots of songs by the artists I play. If you hear a really rare song you have not heard before please let me know what you think !!! 

So Let’s All Keep on Rockin and Party Along !!!

Tall Paul


14 May 2022, 9pm

14 May 2022, 9pm 45 RPM

7 May 2022, 9pm

7 May 2022, 9pm 45 RPM

30 Apr 2022, 9pm

30 Apr 2022, 9pm 45 RPM

23 Apr 2022, 9pm

23 Apr 2022, 9pm 45 RPM