As a number of First Nations communities end a week of silence following the outcome of the referendum, many across the country have turned their heads back to The Uluru Statement From The Heart. Its three requests state: Voice, Treaty and Truth.

With Australia voting NO to a Federal Voice on October 14, some activists and Indigenous leaders are continuing the longstanding push for treaty.

However, an expert in constitutional law believes the outcome of the referendum could impact treaty negotiations, and suggests the Voice’s defeat has seen mixed response from state and territory governments, including hesitation over treaty process in some jurisdictions.

In a move forward – where is Australia at with its treaty processes, what can be gained from treaties internationally and where does treaty fit in the context of First Nations communities?

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Produced By: Emma Wotzke, and Eduardo Jordan

Featured In Story: Dr Harry Hobbs, Associate Professor Faculty of Law at the University Technology, Sydney., , and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 26 October 2023