The strange mid-western ways of ‘caucusing’ in Iowa to choose presidential candidates mean that to be successful you generally need to visit many small events all over the state in true grassroots style.

Unless you are Donald Trump.  Then by getting photographed in a courtroom stuck in Washington where you are being harried and unjustly targetted by crazy Democrats actually could garner you more votes than attending Iowa events.

Of course the subject of his appeal is of Presidential Immunity.  His case is that a former President should not be hauled through the courts – no matter what.  Violence, insurrection, crime – it doesn’t matter, the President would always be right.

Image: Image: Shutterstock – Lev Radin

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Bruce Wolpe – Senior Fellow US Studies Centre University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 11 January 2024