The Ukrainians could be on the cusp of a major counter-offensive. Throughout the winter, Ukrainians have been training outside of the country in Poland, Germany and the UK.

The Ukrainian armed forces are being trained on Main battle tanks like the English Challenger 2 and the German Leopard 2, along with the US-Made F-16 Fighting Falcon, of which forty have been donated.

The Russian forces and the Wagner Private Military Company are feuding as the Wagner troops are pulling out of Bakhmut to hand control to the conventional Russian forces. The Leader of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin has offered to defend Belgorod, a city just north of the Russian side of the border, which will effectively sideline one of Russia’s best fighting forces.

Image: Image: Shutterstock: Drop of Light

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Dr Sonia Mycak, Research Fellow at the Australian National University Centre for European Studies

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 6 June 2023