Researchers and advocates are calling for greater funding to support cancer research, particularly Sarcoma, this July for Sarcoma Awareness month. 

Sarcoma is a rare and complex cancer that can form anywhere in the body, and with over 80 different subtypes, this makes funding for research vital. 

Sarcoma is not commonly diagnosed, with only 1.5% of all cancer diagnoses in Australia being Sarcoma. It typically impacts younger patients where 20% of all young cancer diagnosis are Sarcoma, and for young adults, that is 10%. 

It is known as one of the most common cancers in children, but can impact people of all ages, and speaking with The Wire’s Aryana Mohmood about her sarcoma journey and the need for more research is Brisbane-based mother and sarcoma survivor, Jacqui Cooper. 

Produced By: Aryana Mohmood

Featured In Story: Jacqui Cooper, Brisbane-based mother and sarcoma survivor, and Angela Hong, radiation oncologist specializing in managing patients with sarcoma

First aired on The Wire, Monday 10 July 2023