Following last year’s calls to ditch Harmony Day – reverting it to the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, growing contention continues to eliminate Harmony Week.

Both advocates and academics warn of surface level celebration when it comes to understanding core issues related to racism in Australia.

The Federal government continues recognising the success of multiculturalism with activities during Harmony Week, but the Greens want to establish anti-racism week.

Deputy Leader of the Greens and spokesperson on Antiracism, Senator Mehreen Faruqi says Harmony Week hides structural racism behind tokenistic gestures when exposing and tackling it.

Image: Eugene-Kim-CC-By-4.0-Deed

Produced By: Emma Wotzke, and Netta Finney

Featured In Story: Senator Mehreen Faruqi – Deputy Leader of the Greens and spokesperson on Anti-racism, Dr Elaine Laforteza – Equity and Diversity Project Officer at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion, and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 21st March 2024