Misinformation regarding the Indigenous Voice to Parliament has been spreading online. Due to a lack of internet literacy and difficulty accessing the internet in remote Indigenous communities, confusion regarding the contents, effects and context of the proposed change to the Australian Constitution has been spreading.

As messaging regarding the Indigenous Voice to Parliament continues to ramp up, inaccurate and ill-informed ideas have been given a stage on platforms such as FaceBook and YouTube.

Outside factors have also affected the engagement with the Voice, such as the cost of living, systemic oppression and generational trauma that hinder the ability of correct information to quickly and accurately be disseminated.

Produced By: Tahlia Kraefft

Featured In Story: Lesley Turner, CEO of Central Land Council, and Dr Joanne Gray, Lecturer in Digital Cultures in Media and Communications at the University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 30 August 2023