Yes, there is another Kennedy running for President.

Robert F Kennedy Jr, the son of assassinated Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy and nephew of President John F Kennedy will be the third candidate in the race for the Whitehouse in 2024 next year.

He has withdrawn from the race for the Democratic nomination, probably because he had little chance of winning it against sitting President Joe Biden and chosen to run as an Independent.

This means there will be a choice of 3 candidates on the ballot – most probably Biden, Trump and Kennedy.  The last time this happened was in 1993 when billionaire Ross Perot ran as an independent and garnered around 20% of the vote.   President H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in that election and many republicans blame Ross Perot for stymieing Bush’s second term aspirations.

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Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Jared Mondschein, Director of Research at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 12 October 2023