Peter Dutton’s Budget reply emphasized inflationary effects, but did not directly criticize much of the Chalmers budget initiatives.  He thought more could be done to allow those on Jobseeker to get a few gigs without losing their payments and simlarly with older Australians worried about losing their pension.  Given the tight job market these could have been a quick fix.  He stopped short of endorsing the $20 per week Jobseeker increase however.

Jim Chalmers explains how housing could have been in a better position but for the intervention of The Greens and talked up the benefits of incentivising GP’s to bulk bill as part of the cost of living measures he was offering.  But the runaway NDIS expenditure will only start to slow down in 2027

Image: Jim Chalmers

Produced By: Amanda Copp

Featured In Story: Dr Jim Chalmers – Treasurer Commonwealth of Australia, and Peter Dutton – Leader of the Opposition

First aired on The Wire, Friday 12 May 2023