A day before the International Day of Human Rights, poverty advocacy groups joined for a National Day of Action Housing Rally in South Australia, calling for more social housing and rental affordability solutions.

The online event highlighted the severe impacts of tightening rental markets, a situation where many Aussies are forced to choose between essential medication or having a roof over their head.The day of action brought together activists, and those affected by housing insecurity and low income to share experience, and collaborate on actions.

The online housing rally  followed  the first Anti-Poverty Network national conference since Covid-19, ‘Power to the Poor’.

Image: Image courtesy of Unsplash: sigmund

Produced By: Emma Wotzke, and Eduardo Jordan

Featured In Story: David Winderlich – member of South Australian Anti-Poverty Network Co-ordinator Committee,, Rita McDonald – Anti-Poverty Network, Northern network , and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 14 December 2023