Australian fuel prices don’t seem to stablising any time soon. And there appears to be more imported services to be added to the list, according to a new report published in the Conversation this morning.


Following the closure of all but two of Australia’s oil refinery plants, there has been a great reliance on imported refined fuel. Much of Australia’s imported oil comes via channels in the South China Sea. As the military presence of China has increased in the region, the safety of our supply chains has been a major concern.


We discovered how the Australian government can prepare for the possibility of further restrictions. And investigated the realistic impacts of the growing Chinese military presence.


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Featured In Story: Associate Professor Owen Nguyen, Maritime Logistics Management at the University of Tasmania, Associate Professor Adam Lockyer, Department of Security Studies and Criminology at Macquarie University, and Associate Professor Vinh Thai, School of Accounting, Information Systems and Supply Chain at RMIT

First aired on The Wire, Monday 22 August 2022