War and violence seems to dog Sudan no matter what results.

Erstwhile partners in ousting former hardline Islamic dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir, current supremo General Abdel Fattah al-Burham has the Sudanese Army battling his 2 IC General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo or “Hemedti” who has his Rapid Support Forces of around 100.000 men.   Khartoum is sustaining air strikes and various types of gunfire, artillery  and random explosions.

The RSF were also known as the GangaWeed and were notorious for atrocities in Darfur and earlier in the independence war with South Sudan.

Sudanese people suffer as hopes for decent government slide further and further away.


Image: Image: Shutterstock – punghi

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Emeritus Professor of Sociology Michael Humphrey, School of Social Sciences University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 18 April 2023