When Karina Hogan and Jenae Tien met while working at ABC Brisbane, they hit it off straight away despite their different backgrounds.

Little did they know, a few years later their joint project Bloodlines to Country, a podcast on the language and cultural heritage of the Yuggera people, would be winning awards.

In their podcast – made with love on a small budget – they yarn with Brisbane Yuggera Elder Aunty Kerry Charlton.

Aunty Kerry tells of the trials and tribulations her ancestors and family members faced while upholding their Aboriginal culture and language.

Image: Karina Hogan and Jenae Tien winning the Apple Podcast Best News and Noteworthy Podcast of the Month, and the best Documentary Podcast Series of the Year at the First Nations Media Converge Conference, 2023. Image courtesy: Jenae Tien

Produced By: Netta Finney

Featured In Story: Karina Hogan – Aboriginal/South Sea Islander journalist, content producer, non-executive director and business person; Producer/host of podcast Bloodlines to Country, and Jenae Tien – Founder of Expand Your Library and multi-media producer; Producer of podcast Bloodlines to Country

First aired on The Wire, Friday 19 April 2024