Punk band the Painters and Dockers front man Paulie Stewart has lived a life of jagged contrast.

The brother of East Timor Balibo 5  Channel 7 sound recordist Tony Stewart, the deep injustice felt by the callous treatment by then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam at the time of the event has never left younger brother Paul.

Paulie joined the band he still tours with but along the way also became a journalist, met Bill Clinton, got Keith Richards to sing There Was a Redback on the Toilet Seat,  supports an order of Nuns in East Timor (whom he regularly visits), was a friend of Father Bob and most recently almost died of a diseased liver, whereupon he wrote his memoir All the Rage.

The Painters and Dockers were a band with an edgy reputation from the 70’s on and now they have clocked up 40 years and are on an anniversary tour.  They will be at the Factory Theatre 29th July.

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First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 19 July 2023