Let’s Call Australia Home

Program Info
Host : Jeff Mitchell / Producer : Soojin Lee, Julianne Watson

‘Let’s Call Australia Home’ is a Multicultural Podcast supported by Fraser Coast FM 107.5 produced by migrant students from TAFE QUEENSLAND EAST COAST English Class.
This podcast is aimed at sharing migrants’ stories, useful information and diverse cultural aspects of Australia. Through this program, our society can have the chance to understand migrants’ lives, and migrants will be able to learn how to live harmoniously in Australia. Plus, you can listen to awesome music from all over the world.

LCAH Website – https://lcahproject.wixsite.com/podcast

Credits for Theme songs
Opening : Get up – Nicolai Heidlas
Let’s Teach Jeff : Ukulele from Bensound.com + Juliette
A Cuppa and a Chat : Retro Soul from Bensound.com

Special Episode

Jeff and Soojin have a special interview with Mr. Steve Biddle, the Home Affairs QLD/NT Regional Director. Steve gives answers to our questions about immigration, such as why visa processes can take a long time, how to check your visa conditions, and the pathway to get PR and Citizenship. There is a lot of critical information that you need to know about Immigration to Australia.

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 8

In the last episode of Let’s Call Australia Home, the three amigos who started this podcast talks about the behind the scenes stories of this project and send their messages of thanks. Jeff learns Korean from Soojin and looks back at what he has learnt from “Let’s Teach Jeff” segment so far. 

Minister Shannon Fentiman, Queensland Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development, visits our studio and has a special interview with Soojin. In the last Australiana segment, Kellyanne teaches Aussie slang for your family car trip. Liz and Ross, who are also involved in this project, give us their thoughts about LCAH and finally Jeff and Julianne send heartwarming messages to their family.

There is more information about our podcast and useful study material for English learners on our website. Download the comprehension worksheets and study English while listening to the podcast. If you like our podcast, send us a message through the comments section. Thank you for listening to ‘Let’s Call Australia Home’.

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 7

In episode 7 Jeff learns how to order coffee in Ethiopian from Rita who comes from the birthplace of coffee. Joyce and Linda, our lovely volunteer tutors, tell us about the early stage of their immigration to Australia and their volunteering experience in TAFE English class. It is really interesting to listen to their precious stories of old days.

Jeff interviews Amanda who is a psychologist and finds out what is the best way to manage your mental health and where to seek support. Also, Gizelle and Soojin leave lovely messages for their family in the Message in a Bottle segment.

* Lifeline (phone 13 11 14)
* Beyondblue / Anxiety checklist
* Reach out
* R U OK

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 6

In the sixth episode of LCAH, Melissa teaches Jeff Indonesian and tells you where to go in Indonesia apart from Bali. Julianne becomes a special host for A Cuppa and a Chat and talks about ‘Women’s Health’ with Kate, a registered nurse, Nanisha who was a nurse in Thailand, and a lovely mum, Najah, who has had two kids in Australia. You can find vital information about women’s health including delivering a baby in Australia. Also, you’re going to hear some comments from 4 months old baby, Leana, too.

We also have Kellyanne’s Australiana segment and you will learn how to chuck a sicky (no, take a sicky!) and we finish with beautiful messages from Kalai and Ginalyn.

* Women’s health – Queensland Government:


* Useful Websites or Blogs for mums:



Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 5

In episode 5, there is lots of great information about working in Australia. Anne Kettle, from TAFE, tells us about tips for writing your resume and preparing for a job interview. There are also interviews with Thao and Kevin from Thao’s Vietnamese Café, and Charise who is a civil Engineer in Hervey Bay and they tell us of their experience in Australia and give great advice for getting a job.

Onnie and Linh teach Jeff useful expressions that you can use at a Vietnamese restaurant and, of course there are lovely touching messages from Cindy and Onnie in ‘Message in a Bottle’ segment. (88min)


* Job Seeking Websites

Seek : https://www.seek.com.au

Indeed : https://au.indeed.com

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 4

In the 4th episode, Ming and Kaka teach Jeff about useful Chinese expressions for shopping. Then, Jeff has a chat with Jaja, Tai and Faye, a retail teacher at TAFE, about shopping in Australia. All the fun with shopping is here!

Kellyanne and Jeff act out a short conversation to teach us interesting Aussie slang and today’s topic is ‘Family and Friends’. Pamela sends a lovely message to her grand children and Merlyta also has a beautiful message for her mum. (65min)


* Consumer Protection (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission)

: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-protection

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 3

In the third episode, Jeff and the students chat about renting and buying a house in Australia with Sue, a local real-estate agent. In the special interview with Wayne from the Department of Transportation and Main Roads, you can find out how can you get your driver’s licence and important things to remember when you drive in Australia. This episode is full of essential information!

Jeff also learns about Octoberfest with Pamela from Germany. At the end of the program, Rita and Rana send their lovely messages to their families. (100min)


* Getting a licence in QLD : https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Licensing/Getting-a-licence

* Overseas and interstate licences in QLD

: https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/overseas

* Road rules in QLD

: https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/your-keys-to-driving-in-queensland

*   Overseas motorists road safety video

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXr7t-UHgss&feature=youtu.be

* Please check and follow the rules from the state where you live

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 2

In the second episode, Jeff learns Thai and chats about Education in Australia with Rita from Ethiopia, An from Cambodia, and Jo who is a primary school teacher in Australia. Jo tells you how to find a good school for your kids!

In our Australiana segment, Kellyanne teaches us about Aussie slang for a BBQ with amazing acting ability. Finally, Jam and Feng send beautiful messages to their family and friends.  (60min)

* Find out information for schools in Australia : https://www.myschool.edu.au

Let’s Call Australia Home – Episode 1

In this first episode, Jeff talks about the English Language Program options at TAFE and chats with Robyn from the Hervey Bay Neighborhood Centre. He also interviews migrants who have experience with the services of the centre. Finally we hear from Prew, a student from Thailand, sending a message home.
Oh! You can also find out how we started this program and what segments are in our show. (60min)

* The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre : https://www.hbnc.net.au/
* Find out Neighbourhood and community centres in QLD
: https://www.qld.gov.au/community/your-home-community/neighbourhood-community-centres